Bomen in Balans


Trees in Balance

Trees are of vital importance in sustaining the right balance in our environment and our own vitality. Good health of trees is precious for all who are involved. 

Various tree diseases are threatening valuable green areas in our landscape and urban areas. For many diseases no sustainable solution has been found; seriously affected trees are felled.

We are working with a new approach to improve the condition of affected trees, promote recovery and optimize their growth and vitality. This method works according to physical laws, is non-chemical, non-invasive and completely safe for man and environment. It also has a positive effect on the soil. 

The treatment has shown positive effects on the vitality of different varieties of trees and plants on various locations, including private gardens and crop fields. Fruit trees produce a better harvest. 

The use of this unique approach fits very well in a sustainable tree policy. Currently we are testing the optimal use of this treatment in a research project for different trees (mostly chestnut and ash trees) that are affected with disease in the Netherlands.

The new method is available for (pilot) treatment of sick trees of any kind in different areas. 

For further information please contact the researcher I. Nijrolder, PhD.  email: 


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